Spring in Finland, Oulu, is very different than spring in China, Hangzhou. We still have lots of snow and sometimes it is fairly cold. But it is good to have pakkanen ( minus degrees) during nights, it means that the spring will not be very wet when the snow starts to melt.

Skiing near our home. This is my daughter, 16 years old.

I ran 10 km this morning. I will still go to the gym with my husband today and in the evening I will play floor ball (salibandy) with my team. This body is made for moving....

My running road. Just beautiful.

Life is good in Finland now. My husband came back from China last month and we are together again. Well´, we have been together all the time, but for 6 months he lived in China because of work. He visited Finland every month and we went to see him in October. But it isvery different when he is here all the time. We are so good together.

Enjoy the spring, we most certainly will!