sunnuntai, 18. maaliskuu 2012

Spring is here

Spring in Finland, Oulu, is very different than spring in China, Hangzhou. We still have lots of snow and sometimes it is fairly cold. But it is good to have pakkanen ( minus degrees) during nights, it means that the spring will not be very wet when the snow starts to melt.

Skiing near our home. This is my daughter, 16 years old.

I ran 10 km this morning. I will still go to the gym with my husband today and in the evening I will play floor ball (salibandy) with my team. This body is made for moving....

My running road. Just beautiful.

Life is good in Finland now. My husband came back from China last month and we are together again. Well´, we have been together all the time, but for 6 months he lived in China because of work. He visited Finland every month and we went to see him in October. But it isvery different when he is here all the time. We are so good together.

Enjoy the spring, we most certainly will!


torstai, 22. joulukuu 2011

Merry Christmas!

It is time to start the holiday season. We have snow and everything looks so beautiful here in northern Finland. This is the time to enjoy good food and the company of  ones. Candlelight, xmas music, good book and box of chocolate; that is all you really need. Let ´s make this a peaceful and wonderful Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


tiistai, 6. joulukuu 2011


Today we honour Independent Finland and those who made it possible for us to live in a free country.

Happy Independence Day Finland!

At 6 p.m. we will light these candles for Finland.

Have a good day and beautiful Christmas time, wherever you are my friend.


keskiviikko, 31. elokuu 2011

It feels so right to be home

This summer has been fantastic! We have had a good holiday, enjoyed Finnish nature in all it´s beauty.

I have been running all summer. My plan is to run marathon next year. Half marathon would be ok for now, so I should have enough time.

We´ve been fishing, the lakes and rivers in Finland are so clean and pure.

The forests in Finland are full of berries. The cloudberry and blueberryseason is over already and now we are waiting for the lingonberries.

Lingonberries are my favourites!

Sauna means everything for the Finns. If you haven´t experienced the smoked sauna, you have not experienced the real sauna!

It is autumn now in Finland. The leaves in the trees are changing the colours and in October we should be expecting the first snow to fall. I have not seen that in 6 years, can´t wait!

This is the time to listen to the rain to fall and enjoy the warmth of the stone oven.

Still, sometimes I feel like someone is pushing my chest, when I think about China.

My trainer and my training friend. I learned so much Chinese when I was working out in this gym! And my trainer Jason was so good that I even won the Fitness Challenge that was held in this gym. And to think that 18 months ago, I was 20 kg heavier. I honestly think that my life is so much better after losing those kilos.

My hiking friends. I used to take my teacher colleagues to the hills during the weekends. I usually hiked 4-5 times a week and Hangzhou mountains were my favourite place in China.

We have a saying that the forest answers the way you shout and I think that it is absolutely true. I always met people who smiled and when they noticed that I could speak Chinese, they smiled even more.

Yes, I do miss China, but it also feels good to be home.

Enjoy your day, where ever you are!



sunnuntai, 10. heinäkuu 2011

Land of the Midnight Sun

There is no night in Finland around Midsummer. Yes, we are back in Finland. After several years in China, our whole family is here and it feels very good!

At 00.20 a.m. 25.6.2011

Vaala, 100 km from my hometown Oulu. Very peaceful.

Kiiminki-river, where I go swimming every evening. Yes, it is me in the middle of the river.

At the moment I don´t miss China, just the people there. But I know that the fact that we are not living there anymore hits me at some point. After all, China will always be in my heart.

Now it is time to start planning our lives here in Finland. Children are going to high school, husband starts working here and I have to decide what I want to do when I grow up. No hurry yet though, now we will enjoy the Finnish summer!

Take care, where ever you are.


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